Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Behind the Scenes

This past Sunday I opened our services, in a smoke filled stage, reading the 10 commandments. Many people behind the scenes, made this happen, who often go unnoticed and unrecognized. You see every Sunday, we have volunteers who make it happen. These volunteers serve on a rotating schedule, and willingly step up. With a church of our size, we have 100's of volunteers that show up every Sunday, to give you the best experience, possible. A lot goes into the planning of our weekend gatherings, and it should. Because tons of people, walk through our doors, seeking hope, love, answers and direction.

We want to offer the best impression, possible, for you, when you walk into our doors. Besides, we feel like we have the best answer, to your life, Jesus Christ! So we want to do ministry, with excellence. Here are a few of our faithful volunteers, who touch someone with Jesus' love.

Karen who helps teach in KidCity

Dave and Michael who ush in the MAIN... Brad and Tina who check your kids in on our portable hubs...
Brittni and Tyler who hand out bulletins at the LINK..
Allyce who helps in the Cafe'...
Betty and Russ Yates in the store...
Thanks Grace Volunteers, you will receive so much more, when you stand in front of Jesus at the BEMA seat... thanks too, for those that once again, went unnoticed, we couldn't do it, without you.

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