Thursday, October 23, 2008

She is

This Sunday we will introduce a brand new series, that kicks off November 2nd. It is targeted to reach WOMEN, and teenage girls. We are going all out in our marketing. We are developing bumper stickers, doing a mass mailing, we purchased the domain , we are looking into billboards and posters.

We wanted to create an image, that would cause people to say what is that. Our South Bend campus, will be doing the same thing, too. We are also offering, an opportunity, for an essay to written, for a woman, who deserves recognition, for her life. We will be giving a cash prize, on the last Sunday, for the winner.

So why are we doing this? We want women in Elkhart, and St. Joseph county, to know that they are beautiful, in God's sight and are valuable, in our world today. I can't wait to see the attention it gets, and the number of ladies, filling our auditoriums in the month of November.

You don't want to miss this ladies, it could change your life!

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