Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking it To the Streets

So what are the things that make Grace... Grace? We love to serve people. We are loaded with people like Brinda above who serve our community with joy and love. She was packing up hot dogs along with many others in our kitchen to take to the streets. We want our community to know that Jesus loves them. Grace Community is loaded with people who get "it."

This past weekend, we went out on the streets and blitzed it, with some random acts of kindness. We gave away free lunches at intersections, we washed the windows of downtown businesses, we raked the leaves of homes in the neighborhood, and we washed the cars of our local policemen.

Here at Grace, we want to be more than a church that meets on weekends, in their Holy Huddles. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus! I joined our team on the free lunch end and stood in an intersection with hot dogs and pop. I will never forget the tears on the face of a mom with kids as she was deeply moved by a free lunch.

I love my Church, way to go Grace!

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