Friday, October 24, 2008

Fight for Your Photo Albums

Okay I'm sick and tired of getting news of marriages crashing. "I can't stands it no more." It is time that we as Christians turn the tide and fight for our photo albums. It is time that the percentages of divorces among Christ-followers decreases. It is time we keep Jesus at the center of our marriages, instead of us.

Just a few months back, on a Sunday morning, I passionately pleaded with our people to follow-through, with their marriage vows. I told them to fight for their photo albums, and family portraits, to say enough is enough! Besides who do you share your former memories of marriage with, once it has blown up?

Husbands hear me today, give your eyes, your heart, your time, your secrets. your everything to the wife,that you are married to right now! Get on your knees and tell Satan to take a hike, and surrender your will to Jesus, and give him control of your marriage.

Please God, help us to keep our photo albums filled, with the person we are married to right now, so that we don't have to rip another picture off the wall, or store another photo album in the basement, because a new "other" has filled their spot! Fight Christians, Fight! Anyone agree with me out there in blogging world!


Anonymous said...

I agree!

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Keith and Linda said...

We are no longer going to be surprised by hearing of another one of our friends' marriages breaking up. We are taking the initiative to get into our friends lives and ask how they are doing and how we can best pray for their marriage. FIGHT FOR YOUR MARRIAGES EVERYONE!