Monday, October 13, 2008

Homecoming Prince

This past Friday night my son Josh was selected as the Prince of the homecoming weekend. Each class has a representative that is voted on prior to this night and then the whole school selects an overall winner. I am thrilled that he was selected and very proud of him. While we don't have the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we do have the Prince of Fairfield.

What I love the most about this weekend is that Josh wanted to use it as a chance to be a testimony for Jesus. He purposely chose to wear his Grace Community t-shirt for the newspaper photo on Thursday night. He was also introduced Friday night as a student leader at Grace, man I love my son. He is so much further ahead of where I was as a junior in high school.

So on a Friday night, in a small town, a prince was crowned, that probably won't receive national news, but his family sure did enjoy the press time given to him.Way to go Josh, we love you son!

By the way, what in the world does Josh do with his Scepter?


tara said...

What a great son you have and such a proud moment for you guys!!

Jim Brown said...

Thanks Tara, we are blessed with Josh