Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wild at Heart Report

What happens when men show up on a mountaintop all alone with Jesus? God shows up too, in a big way. Time nor words can express what God did this past weekend. We saw men broken before God, moments of tears, bursts of laughter, teamwork, two splashdowns for me underwater, men lost in the woods with a map and a flashlight, an altar as a reminder of what God did, renewed fervor for God, and a 25 ft fire!

So what is it that causes men to drive 9 hours, get a few speeding tickets, and little sleep? What is it that motivates men to sleep under the stars without any tents for two nights? What is that forces men to spill their guts with men? I think I know, and so do you. Men want to do something significant with their lives, they want a battle to fight and an adventure to live! They want to really live.

Some quotes from the weekend, " I am a different man", "I used to just come to church, now I want to be the church", "this was the first time I did this, shot a gun, slept under the stars, paddled a canoe", "We showed up God, we didn't bail out", and "we beat Jim's team!"

Take a peek at a few of the highlights below...

This photo below is my pastoral staff, minus Rich (who stayed back because he has a yearly test to make sure he was cancer free). I am blessed to serve with these pastors. We made up one of the many teams and though we didn't win we sure did enjoy ourselves. Hey guys I sure do love you and am proud to serve with you! ( I know what you are thinking)..


Anonymous said...

The LORD is a WARRIOR; The LORD is his NAME!

Jim Brown said...

Way to show up man!