Monday, October 6, 2008

mind over matter

This weekend my daughter, Hannah, second from the right, ran in her final race of the year. I snapped this photo as they were receiving final instructions from the starter. Turn left at the red flags, right at the yellow flags, watch out for crazy spectators like this writer on the course and on and on...

I wonder what was going through her mind at this moment? I wonder if she heard the starter's instructions? I wonder where she went in her mind to prepare herself for this run? This pre-race talk is critical, it can make or break you as a runner. It has the potential to move you to your personal best or to settling for mediocrity.

This is when you talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself. Or as Hannah's coach says, "a time to ignore the voice!" I personally love to watch people in this critical moment. As I stood and watched my daughter, I saw the look in her eyes, and she was talking to herself. She was saying I can do this, and I can do this now, I can, and I will!

One of the many things my wife and I try to instill in our kids is confidence. We encourage them to remember that with Christ they can do anything. We let them know it begins in their minds. We encourage them to win ,mentally . So many events are won before the race even begins, in our minds.

Well, Hannah did just that and I was proud of her as she pushed herself and ignored the voice. Oh yeah, she did hear another voice along the way, from her dad, that was saying "ignore the voice honey, ignore the voice!" Great job Hannah!

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