Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On the Bubble

Way too many people are living on the bubble. At any moment it could burst and their lives will end. The question is this " if your bubble burst today are you certain of your future?" Would your very next breath be in the presence of an all loving God, who would usher you right into heaven, or would you hear these words, "depart from me I never knew you?"

God has put us hear to evangelize the world, to connect their lives to him, to tell the Gospel story! If truth be known, how many of you this very week, have verbally shared the salvation plan with someone? How many of you are spending more time in your holy huddles, talking theology 777 instead of living it out? I am sick and tired of all the lame excuses out there. I don't care if I get beat up by others, for being too evangelistic. I refuse to close my mouth, when our world is dying and going to hell! It is time we stand up, and tell the world who Jesus is, instead of letting them go to hell!

It is time to seize the moment and get people off the bubble. More than anytime this year, we are seeing people panic, because of the stock market, and they need peace and security, that can only be found in Jesus, not their investments.

If you are out there today and you are on the bubble, not sure of how to find Jesus, and eternal salvation, here is how it is done. The Bible says we are all sinners, and fall short of God, and that we need someone, a perfect sacrifice, to bridge the gap, otherwise we can't get to God. If you are uncertain of your future, than pray with me. Dear God, I know I am a sinner, please forgive of my sins and clean my heart, I want you to be the leader of my life, I confess you as Lord of my life, and I surrender my will to you. Come into my life and save me, in Jesus name amen!

To everyone else out there that is a follower of Jesus, get out of your offices, workplaces, homes, holy huddles and reach the world for Jesus. It is the best thing you can do, to redeem the time.

Oh yeah, the above photo was taken on a Sunday morning here at Grace as we visually showed people what it is like to live on the bubble. I continued to add air to it as the message unfolded and placed names on the bubble. God used it and many people got off the bubble that morning.. To God be the glory!

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