Monday, November 24, 2008

Altar Calls

Do altar calls still change lives? Is there a place in the church today for people to come, and surrender, and ask Jesus to bring hope and healing to their life situations?
At Grace, we frequently open the end of services for special altar calls.

Just yesterday, as I was wrapping up our "SHE IS" series, and closed it with an opportunity for women to come and receive special prayer, Jesus moved. It was a very tender time, as ladies reverently came and knelt, wanting Jesus to give them strength. It was a moment I wanted to just freeze, as the front was flooded with women.

All the while, another auditorium was experiencing the same move of God. Ladies came and knelt at the stage, in the LINK too. We talked about the possibility of God moving, before the services began, and did our best to have everything in place in both venues. We even discussed, how it would impact our South Bend Campus next week.

Here is what I am learning about our satellite venues. The Holy Spirit is not limited to how he can work, whether it is me preaching-live, on a live-satellite-feed, or a week -delayed -DVD. He just wants the WORD preached, and he can penetrate hearts, regardless of technology.

Yesterday, women wept, cried, and received the touch of God, in a way that moved me deeply. I know they walked away in the power and strength of Jesus Christ.

So the answer is yes, to altar calls at Grace! Not only were the women touched, but so were hundreds of others, who were there in that Holy Moment. I can't wait to see how God works in South Bend next week.

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