Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday Parking

It takes a lot to get people in and out of our parking lots on Sundays. We have two services and we must be able to move traffic in and out, without people wanting to run over each other. I know that we are dealing with real people, so that thought probably surfaces from time to time. We have a group of men who faithfully show up early and stay late, to direct traffic.

They do so much behind the scenes to give the best Sunday morning experience for our worshippers. I rarely get to see these guys in action, but what I do know, is that we have lots of people who must have found a parking place. This ministry is vital for us at Grace, and people like Mike below, do it well.

So the next time you pull in and out of our lot, and before you think about losing your salvation in the parking lot, remember these guys were here early, braving the hot and cold to assist you.

Great job parking crew you da men!

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