Friday, November 28, 2008

Preaching Props

Preaching to a high tech, video-savvy, visual world greatly impacts the way I prepare every Sunday. Even as I am sitting in my office today crafting my sermon, I am thinking about that very thing. I use the acrostic EPIC when prepping... Experience, create an environment where they feel something. Participate, give them many chances to participate with me, ask questions, have them do physical actions, make them a part of the message. Image Rich, use images that connects with truths in the text, whether a prop, illustration, video, or my attire. Connect, make sure the message connects with their world, is it relevant, is it real, link their life to the text?

I must admit it is hard work, and I often pray and beg the Holy Spirit for creativity. Some days I am worn out mentally, trying to make these principles come alive. Most aren't willing to spend the extra time here for various reasons. But I have come to realize, that I must do this, to make the message as compelling and hopefully life-changing as possible.

There have been many Saturday nights that we have made runs to the supermarket or dug through the toy box and garage for that perfect illustration. Some have asked me where the ideas come from? I pray and ask God for creativity and at the most inopportune times it often comes.

I also carry a digital voice recorder, keep notepads on my night stand, and constantly jot down stuff that comes my way. So here I am again preparing for this new series , where we are trying to put the Merry back in Christmas.
Oh yeah a normal message, after exegesis, study, pondering, dreaming, praying, thinking, and writing, takes a minimum of 20 hours a week for me. Every week I pray, that somehow this message will point people to Jesus, rescue a hopeless person ,or cause someone to fall in love with God's WORD! I can't wait to see what the Holy Spirit brings to mind this weekend.


Dawn Springer said...

Pastor Jim,
I just wanted to let you know that all that work is well worth it for us in the congregation. I look forward to your sermons every week! Everywhere I go, when talking to people about church, I hear people say - " There is no other preacher like Pastor Jim. You just can't find a pastor like him anywhere else." And it's true. We love you Pastor Jim! :)

Jim Brown said...

thanks dawn!


Anonymous said...

Pastor Jim,
You are a great teacher Jim and we really get fed well by your teachings. God does an awesome job of giving you "the goods" for your services. My kids love listening to you too. We love you man! Miss having you as a neighbor though!! Lots of love and many Blessings to you the Carmacks.

Jim said...

Hey carmacks, We miss you guys too as neighbors.