Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We Celebrated Thanksgiving at home today. Josh plays varsity basketball, so we can't travel to Maryland to see my folks. So we enjoyed it with another family here in Indiana. We played some games, and one of my very favorite is Mennonite Manners. By the way, this game has nothing to do with manners. I learned how to play it from my college days. It is all-out fun and chaos. You walk away sweaty, and have many battle scars.
I began the day by deer hunting. I saw a bunch of deer, but zero bucks. But there is still a lot of season left. We also hung Christmas Lights on our house. This is one of our Thanksgiving traditions. Even as I type, the lights are shining brightly. We capped it off by watching the Maryland Terps, thump Michigan State in basketball.
As I wind down the day, I am thanking God for many things that I take for granted. I once again find myself very grateful for my salvation and my precious family. Life can be very tough, as can ministry, and my family is a great place of refuge.

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