Saturday, November 1, 2008

She is Beautiful

We begin our brand new series tomorrow. We have prepared, we have prayed, we have marketed, now we wait to see what God will do! As I have been preparing, I have become even more aware of how beautiful my wife is! As I have studied, prayed, asked questions for this series, my wife could be the poster woman for this series.!

Yesterday my computer completely crashed, I mean the kind where the computer technician says, see you next week, as he walks out with your tower under his arm. I was beginning to type the manuscript, and big blue appeared on the screen. Big blue is never good, especially when all your research is deep within. Oh well. just another little fire by the enemy.

There is a buzz in our community, and we even had a lady stop in yesterday and ask, "if this was the church, that was going to have a women series?" A lot has to happen yet before tomorrow. Tonight, I will be in our Judgment House sharing the Gospel, in the last room, until 11PM. I will then rise early and love on our ladies Sunday morning.

Oh yeah our high school football team, lost last night in the sectionals. It was tough to lose, and we felt the pain for our guys, especially Gaute, our exchange student.

The photo above was taken during senior night a few weeks back and Anne walked with Gaute. Pray that women see how beautiful they are!

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