Wednesday, November 12, 2008

She is Series

We are seeing an incredible response to our new women series. We had the largest attendance since Easter of this year. Why is that? Well let me say it this way. Why are we doing a series for women?

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the woods that surrounds our property on my ATV, and was crying out to God, for direction, creativity, and to hear his voice for our future messages. We were finishing up the book of Exodus, and we saw how God supernaturally intervened to get his people out. As I was praying, God brought this thought to mind of reaching out to women.

Why? Because all over our world, I have seen first hand, how women have been used as commodities for money, have been degraded and humiliated. With that in mind, we want women to know that the King is enthralled with their beauty. We want Grace women to know, that we love them and so does our Savior. We want little girls to know that they do not have to settle, to stay in the palace with the KING! We want this community to know that women are beautiful, soft, valuable, and strong!

That is why we are doing this series. So if you are a women and are reading this, please know that Jesus loves you and you deserve a feast fit for a queen.

Oh yeah, the photo above was snapped this past Sunday as Jeremiah, Eddie and Jeremy opened with a song.


Dana said...

Jim, thanks so much for this wonderful for the teens to hear!

Jim Brown said...

thanks dana, I really hope our teens get it!