Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Voice of the LOST

Today I plead with you, to be the Voice for the LOST! You will probably find yourself tomorrow, surrounded by friends, and relatives who know Jesus; individuals, who have a life saving relationship with Jesus.

Here is what I am most thankful for today, my personal relationship with JESUS. You see everything else would be meaningless, if I didn't have Jesus. I would have no hope, no peace, and while possessions and relationships would be sweet, they would only be temporary.

Along time ago, in a small church, with musty-smelling Sunday School classrooms, and flannel-graph boards, were people who Spoke for the Lost. You see my family's name appeared on an unsaved list, in a prayer meeting, and someone was the voice for my lost family. We never attended this church at that time, nor did we know many of the people, but someone spoke for my single mom, and 4 Brown kids.

You see I am grateful for this group of people, and will go to my grave being the Voice for the Lost in our world; so that I can return the same precious gift this church gave me. They prayed for me, when no one else did, they cried out for my soul, and my family's souls, even though we were not at their prayer meetings.

Here at Grace, we have these chairs all over the building, and on them are written names of Gracies, who will be the Voice of the LOST! So at meetings we hold at Grace, we ask ministry leaders to place a chair in the room, to remind us to Speak for the Lost, because they probably haven't been invited to the meeting.

Please keep that on the forefront tomorrow, and look for the lost, and give your life away. This writer is eternally grateful for Hagerstown Independent Church, who loved my family when most didn't know we existed. May Grace Community always be, a place that Cries out for the LOST!


Leonard said...

Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

Greetings from a icy sweden, Leo

Jim Brown said...

Thanks Leonard for your encouragement