Monday, November 10, 2008

Urban Hope

This weekend I was able to spend time in Philly. I am on the board of directors for an inner city ministry, In fact, our church supports this ministry. We long to be on the front lines with the Gospel. I saw first hand how this front-line inner city ministry is doing it. It was their ten-year anniversary and they celebrated with testimonies from the past.

I found myself in tears many times as people shared how they were impacted, found Jesus, got hope and are alive today.

One of my staff guys, Jon, was once the director of Urban Hope, before he came to Grace. In fact, I remember the time he felt like God was moving him on from there. He joined our pastoral staff a few years back and is doing an amazing job with our children's ministries. I saw first hand, the lives he impacted while serving there. People from his past were so glad to see him again. I watched video clips of him, and his wife Tara, pouring into these inner city families.

He and his wife made a difference, and their impact lives on. Hey Jon and Tara if you read this, I want you to know, that I am proud of you, and it was a tremendous blessing to see your impact on this community.

My hope is that God will use me here at Grace to do the same thing. Way to go, Jon and Tara, your lives live on in Philly

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