Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homeless in Goshen

I am broken this morning. This past week I was given information about a group of homeless people, living in tents. I will not divulge details as to where they are living, because of their privacy. You see there is a group that have found their last resort to live in tents in the woods.

This morning I took my staff and loaded them up in my Jeep, and went to find these guys. You see these guys are Jesus in flesh and blood, living in my world. That is what Matthew 25 tells me. I lost some sleep last night in my warm house thinking about these guys. I wondered how I could help them. Now that I have this information what can I do about it?

Well we arrived early this morning, and they were gone for the day, we saw the footprints in the snow. Their home is simple, some food in cans, clothes hanging in trees, an open fire pit, and off-the-beaten path. When we arrived we prayed, we asked God to give us wisdom. We left a note, and we knew we were supposed to be there.

I plan on going back, for God has given us some ideas as to how we can help. Oh yeah this summer a guy stopped in at Grace, who had just lost his job and place to live, and said he needed a tent. He said he needed to camp out a few days in the woods, till things got better. I drove home and gave him our family tent. This morning I saw my former tent covered with snow. This same guy was living here.

Pray for me and my staff and a few others as we want to rescue these guys. Please don't ask me where they are. Just pray and see what God might have you do through us. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus!


Heather said...

This is terrible. Especially during this time of year. We will be praying for them and the great things you will be doing for them.

Jim Brown said...

Heather thanks for you prayers