Thursday, December 18, 2008

Up on blocks

Sunday when I walked outside after the services, this is how I found my Jeep! Yes, it was jacked up, and the wheels removed. You might ask why? Well time nor space could never tell the whole story. But someone saw the opportunity and jumped on it. Oh yeah, the someones have the initials of Art, Butch and Greg!

Yes, I am a practical joker and have been on the receiving and giving end of many jokes. My office has been turned into a bathroom, my house t-peed many times, a sheep on my front porch, and a Santa and his Reindeer up on my roof for the entire Christmas season.

These guys worked hard to make this happen, and gave so many others a good laugh, as they pulled away on Sunday. In a weird way, I felt loved and accepted, and I have a revenge plan in store! Thanks guys, and by the way I had a noise in my front end that went away, probably because you removed my tires!

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