Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be My Everything

I took time this morning and let this song wash all over me. I sat in my office with hands lifted high and soaked it in. The pressures of family, ministry, friendships, and life can seem overwhelming to me at times. And when they do, I face them this way, by saying this in a prayer to God, "God you have a big problem!" You see, I put God between me and the problem, and release it to him. I encourage you to do the same today.

I also prayed this prayer over my life today... God be my everything, help me to keep you at the very center of everything. Baptize me with your presence and love today.

I also prayed for every one of you that reads this blog, that this song by Tim Hughes would encourage you today. Let Jesus be your everything, today!

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Anonymous said...


You do so much for us, don't hesitate to rely on us to do things for you!