Monday, January 26, 2009

Listening from a distance

How many of you remember the scene in the movie HOOSIERS, where the dad "Shooter" was in the hospital, listening to the game on the radio? Remember how he was standing on top of his bed shouting, and jumping, as he listened in, play by play to the game. It was a sight that will be etched in my mind for a long time. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm, as his son's team was doing something that no school of its size had ever done.

Well, I too, found myself in a far away land this weekend, in a Hotel in California listening to Fairfield basketball, on the Internet. While the importance of the game didn't reach the HOOSIERS contest, I still felt the same emotion ole Shooter felt. I had spent the day in meetings with ministry leaders across America, but my son was on my mind.

Some of the men wanted to take a road trip to Hollywood, but I wanted to stay in the hotel and listen to the game. You see, I love the game and love my son, and wanted to cheer him on from California. Little did I know, the emotion one can feel trying to visualize the play by play of the announcers. It was nerve wracking, to wait for the next comment. Well, I propped myself up on my bed, kicked off my shoes, and stared at this laptop computer. I will admit, I spent a portion of the game on my knees praying. There are some advantages to this hotel venue. They were announcing the starters as they always do, and then they said, numbe
r 10, a junior at guard ....
... you guessed it right. It was Josh Brown. Well this was his first start as a varsity player, he has gotten lots of playing time up to this point , but he earned a starting slot. When they said Josh Brown, I did a "Shooter" in the hotel room, I jumped off my bed and shouted to anyone who might hear me in Los Angeles. It was so cool... Then I imagined what Anne might be feeling, as they introduced Josh. Well, Isaiah really enjoyed it too, especially since he wore his brother's number 10 jersey that night.

Well it was a good night for Fairfield, the team played well, and walked away with a total team win. Josh had a few steals and assists, and did what he could to contribute to the win.
While I couldn't see him, I sure could visualize the game. One thing I know about Josh, is that he will give everything, and will probably come home with a few scrapes and bruises. I also know that he will do his best.

Well from one shooter to another, you don't have to be there, to be a big fan!


Dana said...

Jim, thanks for everything you do for us, including having to miss Josh's first start. We praise God for all of the sacrifices that you make for us.

Jim said...

Thanks Dana... it was tough to handle but God did give me the internet..


Anonymous said...

Excellent, I could see you in that hotel room! honestly I really could.. bless your heart, I love how you write,, must have learned that from your big sister!! Love you,,,Kim (i love your pics in your blog,,,)