Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recent Reading List

I love to read. If I want to grow as a leader, I must be a reader. These are my most recent purchases from I read the energy bus on my flight to California. The other two books arrived at home, I can't wait to dig in.

Make it a goal to be a regular reader. My goal for this year is 75 books. Oh by the way, I finally broke down a ordered a new Bible. I purchased a Cambridge Goatskin Leather NIV Study Bible. My other Bible has been in my hands since 1986. My goal is to read through this Bible this year, as it is every year. I love my Bible it is my guide for life.

Dig in and read today!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!I love reading my bible.I also just bought a new bible. I grew up reading the KJV and after I started attending Grace I bought an NIV to follow at church.But recently I went looking for a study bible and the ESV was recommended to me.I just started reading it and it seems like a combinaton NIV and NKJV.It is a nice study bible....I also love to read.I just finished "The Shack" It was very good...I also am reading some books by Oswald Chambers. What is your take on him?

jim said...

Oswald Chambers is solid! you will be blessed by his books