Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seal Beach surfer

I am in ministry meetings in California .Two nights ago we ate at a restaurant in Seal Beach. We had a waiter that served us, that did a super job. The very next morning, I took a walk out on the pier, with another pastor friend. As we were talking we talked about our waiter. He then shared that early that morning, he had seen him at a coffee shop. He also asked the worker if he knew anything about the waiter. He said that the waiter's brother had just passed away last week.

We both shared how this would be a great chance to witness to this guy. Seconds later a man on a bike came pedaling down the pier. Yes, it was the very waiter from the night before. We found out that his name was Mark Burke, and that he had indeed lost his brother. God moved and we were in a spiritual conversation in minutes. Mark was a standout surfer in Seal Beach. I asked him if we could pray for him, and he said yes. I will never forget that moment as he bowed his head while sitting on his bike, as I prayed. You never know who God will bring your way, and how he will answer your requests, especially when you ask him. Pray for Mark Burke


Anonymous said...

very touching story Mark Burke is a good guy sometimes maybe miss understood but from my encounters with him always a good guy and this story touches my heart lots of prayers going out to him and his famiy thanks for the story good one indeed.

Jim said...

I agree with you on mark, I love his humble dispostion and kind heart. Hey how do you know Mark