Friday, February 6, 2009

A Cup of Soup

All through the Bible we are implored to help the poor, underprivileged, and overlooked. A few years back, we were continually being bombarded with requests for help, from the community. So instead of sending them to the local help agency, we formed a help system called, community of hope.
This underground help system was never advertised, nor is it today. We just started giving out $30.00 food vouchers to needy people, on Thursdays, here at Grace. Well, a group of volunteers regularly work on this day, to give out food vouchers. We have a system in place that allows them to receive up to 4 vouchers in a year, if proper ID is shown. Every week at 1:00 PM, we begin to hand them out. Last year alone, we helped over 1200 individuals.
All kinds of ministries have been birthed out of this outreach. We have given away free clothes, offered counseling, given away supplies, and lots of love touches. We have seen many people come to saving knowledge of Jesus.
Just recently, we added a soup kitchen on Thursdays. Now a regular meal is served to each person as they wait. Oh by the way, they arrive as early as 7:00 AM and wait in chairs that are lined in the hallway.
I am so proud of my church and all the volunteers who get it! These volunteers never complain, they love Jesus, love people, and they love Grace Community.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who come and hand out vouchers every Thursday, and run our soup kitchen. You are the ones who keep me going, week after week. You are true teammates for the cause of Christ!

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Anonymous said...

I am blessed to part of a church body the has such a passion to love and serve for the Glory of GOD.It is contagious!!!!!!