Monday, February 9, 2009

Hone your skill

We had a break in the weather this afternoon after school, so Isaiah and I had a chance to work on his baseball skills. While he is still playing 4th grade basketball, it won't be long until baseball starts. In fact, this weekend is player evaluations.
I coach Isaiah's Baseball team, and his basketball team, so I enjoy spending time with him as he works on his skills. As a coach, you can quickly see which kids have put time in during the off season, practicing.
We spent time reviewing some of the basics of catching and throwing. Catch with two hands, throw with full arm extension, and follow through. I just love these kind of times with my kids, for a variety of reasons. One in particular, is that we get quality time together, and he gets to improve his skills, and understanding of the game.
Any person who wants to grow as a leader must constantly be practicing and reviewing the basics. Oh yeah, it might require a little extra washing machine time too, when you get down for ground ball, or dive for a wild pitch from your instructor..

Go Isaiah go! Hard work does pay off. No short-cuts for this Brown Boy!


Andy Jewett said...

definitely feeling convicted in the "Health Plan" area. I know you guys are stupid busy, but it would be fun to have dinner sometime, family to family. Have a great rest of your week.

jim said...

Hey Andy, Lets make that work sometime..