Thursday, March 5, 2009

I had no idea

You know I had no idea when I was a kid, that I would be a leader in the local church.The above photo is my sister and me at an early age... check out the cheeks man... In fact, if you were to ask me that question as a teen I would have said "NO WAY." But something happened along the way that shaped me for life.

As I look back, I regularly took initiative to lead. I wanted to pick the teams, I wanted to go first, I tried to tell my sisters what to do, (which really never worked). I was a risk taker.

Then, I had people along the way, pour into me. Men came and told me, that they saw stuff in me, that I didn't or hadn't seen. They poured courage into me, which by the way, is what encouragement is. They pumped stuff into my veins, and life that helped shape me as a leader.

As a teen, and a young adult, the mere thought of public speaking scared the crap out of me. I would tremble with fear. Yet, God had other plans, and the Holy Spirit invaded my life, and pushed this other man out of me, that was waiting to get a chance. You know I had no idea that I would be the Pastor of Grace Community today, and be in the public eye as a Speaker and Leader, but God did! And I love it!

The sky is the limit for my kids and I am constantly pouring courage into them. I love this picture of them a few years back... And the same is true for you, if you just let the Holy Spirit and Spirit-led followers pour into you! Whose to say you might be the next President of the United States.

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The Williams said...

This is so encouraging! It reminds us how valuble our words are to each other. We need to make a daily commitment to pour encouragement into one another! Thanks for the uplift!