Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surprised By God

One of the prayers I pray regularly is this prayer... God surprise us with your presence. I pray that for my church, family, friends, events and wherever I am traveling. It is a staple of my prayer life. I love it when out of nowhere, beyond our plans, or assumptions, God shows up in an unusual way.

Well, this past Summer while we were in Thailand, we took a quick excursion to a elephant farm. One of the events that took place, was for elephants to throw darts at balloons with their trunks. To our surprise, without any knowledge, they had chosen Josh to toss darts at balloons. Josh didn't even tell us that he was chosen.

So Josh worked his way down in his Grace Community Blue Crew Shirt, to take on the Elephant. The place was packed, full of hundreds of people, as Josh tossed his darts. The final verdict was a tie between the two of them. Needless to say we were incredibly surprised by God.

It was one of those memories you will never forget. Besides, how many people in our world, can say they challenged an Elephant to a dart toss in Thailand. Thanks God, for those surprises that come out of nowhere. Imagine the story Josh can share one day with his kids. You know there sure are a lot of unusual blessings that come, when you just step out in faith.

Keep bringing the surprises God!

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Andy Jewett said...

that's awesomely, strange.