Friday, March 6, 2009

Life in The Hallways

A ton of decisions have been made in our hallways at Grace. I wish I had time to tell you the value in working together. Our office space at Grace forces each one of my Pastoral staff members to rub elbows with each other. We daily pop into each other's office for insight, prayer, questions, or a "wow this is what God is telling me moment."

I cannot stress the importance of this setup. In the hallways of Grace there is great accountability, one of my Pastoral staff members said this recently, " I feel like I have to keep up around here, because of the what that guy is doing."

These hallways are great for impromptu meetings, urgent prayer gatherings, an occasional ribbing session. But what I love the most, is that these hallways ,give me a chance to do life with men, who I know would be willing to stand in the trenches, and cover my back, no matter what comes our way! I love these fellow pastors, Jeremiah, Rich, Jon, and Jeremy and I feel the same about Craig who took this picture!


Andy Jewett said...

it is a great group... you definitely can feel blessed that God has surrounded you with such a support staff.

Dan said...

Certainly an awesome group of guys! It's great to see the relationship that exists amongst the pastoral staff.

(Pastor Jon gets picked on a lot, but other than

jim said...

Oh Dan. if you only knew the other side of jon like we do, you would see why! LOL

Dan said...

Ha... I can imagine Jon can probably dish it out well, too.