Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wish

So what does a 10 year old wish for on his 10th birthday? What would bring him joy? What item or possession would fill his wish list?

As, a father I feel want to fulfill that wish for Isaiah. I want to answer and provide him with his little dream. I wonder what it is like, when we go to God and ask him for things? I wonder what is the determining factor for him, as we pray, ask, wish, and dream our requests to him.

Well Isaiah, here is what I want to tell you buddy! I would do anything to fulfill that wish for you. I think you are an incredible son, and deserving of that wish. I love how you are growing and becoming a young man. I love your tenderness and gusto for life. I love the way you pray for others. I love your positive attitude, and your willingness to say, I am sorry quickly.

If I could line all the 10 year olds up in the world, and choose one for my son, I would pick you every single time.

When you were born 10 years ago, you were a dream come true for us, and God gave us an amazing gift. Hey buddy, my wish for you is this: always love Jesus, and stay close to him, and dream big. Because you have what it takes, to be the next President, next world changer for Jesus.

Oh yeah we hope this new golf bag, was a little piece of your dream.

And we sure did love going bowling with you, to celebrate your birthday...

And no matter where your path takes you, mom and dad will always be proud, to call you our SON...
Happy birthday Isaiah, may all your dreams and wishes come true!

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