Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Packed House

Yes our services were packed again this weekend, even after Easter. Why you might ask? Well, because we started a brand new series on the end times. Needless to say, there is great interest in our world today, concerning end times.
Yes, I believe that the rapture will occur in my lifetime. Yes, I believe that the anti-christ, could be alive today. With that being said I am not foolish enough to predict who that is. But I do have ideas!
I saw more note-taking on Sunday, then I have in a long time. I also provided outlines for you to study on your own, in the next few weeks.
I love it when we just dig in, and look at God's plan in the Bible, for the end times. It is truly fascinating.
Take time to google this week, the European Union, and the Oslo Agreement. Join us this week as we unfold the tribulation.

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