Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Vitals of My Day

Every person has vital signs, that give credence to their vitality. If a paramedic comes to your rescue, he will check your vitals. He wants to see what kind of condition you are in. He can determine pretty quickly, how dire the situation is.

I think about that often as a Pastor, how are my vitals? What kind of health am I leading from? Am I leading from a full tank, or an empty tank? Every day I have a choice to make, with the hours I am given. Those choices feed my vitals, or deplete my vitals. Here are some of the disciplines that have become a regular routine of my life, and help to bring vitality to me as a leader, in no specific order.

My Desk... shown above... It is here that I will spend a big part of my day, studying, digging in, and assimilating truth. It is here that tons of decisions are made, that bring depth to my life and passion to my soul, and direction to Grace Community.

My chair, this is where I spend my day alone with God. We talk, I read the Word, and I listen. This is where, that little voice gives me direction for my life.

My bookshelf, this is where I grow, I gain knowledge, I am refreshed, get challenged and gain knowledge, to lead. I have run out of space.

My bag, these are my exercise clothes. I carry both bags with me. This is where I work hard, to keep my body in shape, so that the Holy Spirit can have a healthy house to live in. This is the bag that is preparing me for my marathon run, in 3 weeks.

My family, this is my pride and joy. This is where I gain refreshment, come alive, and find love. These are the Browns, and I will do everything in my power to make this significant part, healthy.

Well, that is a snapshot of some of the Vitals in my day, today. Hopefully, I get a thumbs up from the paramedic.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered a church library for your books?

Regardless of the library thing - I would be interested in seeing the books that you are currently reading. Maybe in your blog as you begin and/or finish a book you could just mention what that is.

jim said...

I will work at listing some of them for you and others...

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Bible be the only book we need to gain knowledge and not the books of men???

Jim Brown said...

I passionately love the Bible written by men and the Holy Spirit. And I can learn from Godly men inspired by the Holy Spirit to write Books.