Friday, April 24, 2009

Men At Grace

I have a burning passion in my heart. This passion permeates my life. It keeps me awake at night. I love to watch men lead their families, workplaces, churches, and world, with a genuine love for Jesus.

I get stoked when I see a man step out and make a stand for Jesus. Grace Community is loaded with men who understand this principle, and are striving to be godly men leaders. I even had a person tell me one time, that we have way to many men leaders. I took that as an incredible compliment, and said this "Holy Cow imagine men who want to follow God, and lead, seems to me that is exactly what God intended."

I have a desire to write one day on this very subject, and to share what God has been teaching me, in watching men grow in Jesus. I think you must challenge men, go after them, call them out, and push them to greatness for Jesus. I do that all the time at Grace! I also think you must set an example, and lead from the front. As you can see from the above picture, that means doing all kinds of wild and crazy things. Raise the Bar and encourage them to go with you.

I love the picture below. This man came alive at our Wild at Heart Road Trip, in turn got radically in love with Jesus. He got baptized, traveled on a short term mission's trip to Asia, and now is coaching a traveling boys baseball team, that lets him pour into other young men. That quite frankly stokes my fire. Plus my younger son gets to play for him.

All that to say this. God's intention for men is being played out at Grace, and I am proud of our men. Oh yeah, I sat down this Wednesday night, and listened to another man at Grace share his story in prayer encounter, of a recent life-changing event in India. Through tears he shared, and my wife Anne said this, "Jim the men at Grace get it, and are on mission everywhere." Please God may our men shamelessly stand for you!


Dana said...

I pray that you never stop calling men out at Grace. God has changed so many marriages and families because of your boldness, mine included. Thank you for your strength, your energy, and your love of men and making them better leaders. It is having a huge impact on many, many people and generations to come!

jim said...

thanks dana!