Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow Bunny

Yes it is spring break in Indiana, and we awoke today to a snow covered landscape. So not to be outdone or discouraged, we jumped in and enjoyed it. Anne and I, and the kids built a snow bunny. It was a hoot. We had to build quickly and take the pictures even faster, as Bobby the Bunny had serious posture problems.

In fact, we propped him up a few times, and repacked his vertabrae with a new snow membrane. But the life of snow bunnies is very short. But we have pictures to prove that Big Bobby Brown, The Bunny graced our front lawn proudly.

But eventually he gave up the ghost, and said goodbye. Maybe it was the railroad spike in his side, holding the egg basket, that attributed to the short life span. Oh well, he was a little early for Easter...

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