Monday, April 6, 2009

Turkey Creek Adventure

We took our boat and floated down Turkey Creek this afternoon. The water was overflowing the creek banks, after the snow melt and recent rain. It was an adventure that we will never forget. We floated about a 5 mile stretch, for a little over 2 hours. We had to maneuver around some fallen trees, and a rapid current

We also saw many tree stands, and a variety of huts and forts, on our trip. The temperature was around 40 degrees, yet it felt a lot warmer as we paddled.

We had to work our way under 3 different bridges, along the way. There was just enough clearance to get us under the bridge.

Hannah joined us about 3 miles into trip, as we passed by our house. She slid down the creek bank and into the boat.

Josh and I worked together paddling the boat, along with Hannah and Isaiah jumping in to help. and we really enjoyed it. It was a blast to spend this kind of time with my kids.

We saw deer along the way, and places where hunters had spent the winter in tree stands.

I came away refreshed, and in wonder of God's creation, once again. Without a doubt, it was fun, adventurous and exciting.


Eric Landes said...

Hey Jim, is it possible to put your blog into feedburner? I cannot subscribe to this with my Yahoo reader, but I (and others afflicted with the Yahoo reader) could subscribe if you used feedburner. Thanks and keep up the great work!

jim said...

yep I can


Anonymous said...

FAMILY TIME!!!wow we did the same thing when the kids was in school and the Kids still talk about the dog jumping in the boat with Robin.. wont take the dog next time with 5 in the boat!!!!we start at U.S.6 and get out at waterford.

jim said...

Hey Rick

We had a blast, we put in down close to 6 too and floated to 142. we actually did two straight days.great memories built for us.I am glad we didn't have a dog join us. lol