Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mechanics Are Everything

It's baseball season in the Brown household these days. Josh is gearing up for high school sectionals, while Isaiah plays boys baseball. I love the game and love watching my boys play.
One of the basic principles I keep hammering home to Isaiah is this; you must have good mechanics when you pitch. I tell him that velocity and speed will come later. But if he wants to be a good pitcher down the road, he must work on his mechanics.
So I try to encourage him to work on his form. He has come a long way and he definitely doesn't lack confidence nor desire. He works hard at developing his game.
In some ways he is very green, but I keep picturing him down the road, when he has developed his craft and stays consistent with his mechanics. This discipline of developing his pitching skill in a correct way can only help him as he gets stronger and bigger.
This is such a good life lesson. Because if we do what is right over and over again, even if we aren't getting the results or rewards now, there will come a day, when we will reap great reward!

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