Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun and Faith

I still believe that it is possible to have fun and follow Jesus. I love to enjoy the life that God has given me. I love waking up each morning to a new day of serving Jesus.

I love that we allow people at Grace to enjoy themselves, and to let down their hair. Sunday was one of those kind of days when we honored our moms, by giving them a chance to participate in some fun games prior to the worship and the message. It was a hoot, as moms gave all, to win a chance in a money machine.

We ranged the whole gamut of emotion, laughter, tears, reverence and conviction and total silence during our day.

One mom emailed this week, and I am paraphrasing here... She said she received the greatest gift a mom could ever receive, as her children stood and boldly prayed to receive Jesus out loud in our services. Yes, it is possible to mix fun and faith. Man, I just love Grace Community Church! Oh yeah the winner in the video above, Dana Schmucker, gave her prize money to Asia's Hope, to support our orphans in Asia!


Dan said...

Way to go, Dana!

Dana said...

To Him be the glory, Dan! There is nothing I wouldn't do for those kids, obviously!

John McCollum said...

Love you guys and your church, and I thank God for all you're doing for the kids in Cambodia and Thailand. It's an honor to serve with you.