Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pesty Perennials

Anyone else out there had it with dandelions? These pesty weeds must grow 6 inches over night. They have littered my yard and have no concern for where they choose to spring up and grow.

The root system on these guys are enormous, they go the whole way to China and then some. All it takes is one little seedling to find a nook or crevice in the ground and off they go. I never attend to them, like I do other plants, by watering them, fertilizing them, or trimming them. They just do it on their own. But boy do they ever know how to steal all the nutrients in the ground that is supposed to go to grass and flowers.

I took the matter into my hands this past Monday and I sprayed chemicals all over them. This morning I went outside, and I had curled up dandelions everywhere. I must admit I enjoyed the moment.

But this thought hit me hard this morning. I wonder if we as Christians took on the plight of the dandelion, and dropped our seeds in obscure places, if we would be noticed? I wonder if we have the tenacity to grow, even if we are not attended to? I wonder if our underground root system is deep and strong? I wonder who decided the dandelion was the weed? You know they are very pretty when all lined up in full yellow bloom.

All this to say, I want to be that guy who grows, blooms, and drops seedlings for Jesus under extreme pressure, even when everyone else sees me as a nuisance. Maybe we have a lot to learn from this perennial pest!

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Dan said...

You are right, Pastor Jim! I may grit my teeth when seeing those new 10-foot weeds each morning; but I gotta admire their persistance.