Friday, May 8, 2009

I love to pray

Yesterday was National Day of Prayer. So I carved out extra time in my day with Craig and joined many others on the lawn, at the Goshen Courthouse. I love it when people come together and pray.

We worshipped our God and were led in prayer by many representatives in the Goshen Community. We then broke into small groups and prayed for the subject matter at hand. I joined with Troy Scott a local Pastor and prayed. I begged God to send new life to this community and for unusual breakthrough. I prayed for our leaders, the media, the local churches, and local businesses. I came away excited, because when God's people gather to pray, stuff happens.

Prayer is a priority at Grace too. My favorite gathering is Wednesday nights when I get to lead people in prayer, and they in turn pray for Grace. These are the warriors in my mind, as they beg God for breakthrough for so many others. This is the purest form of discipleship that exists for the local church.

I know where the power comes from! It comes when people pray! We will always have Wednesday night prayer encounter as long as I lead Grace. Here is a photo a few years back with my family, as we prayed together on a Wednesday night, outside on our property as the building was being constructed.

Wow, God sure has answered a lot of prayers since that time. Gotta run and pray some more!

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