Monday, June 29, 2009


I placed an order with Amazon last week for 4 new books. I spend a lot of time reading. Today I received two boxes in the mail. One from Grace, and one from Amazon. Both contained the same book. The book is "Training Camp" by Jon Gordon. I had read one of his earlier books and ordered this one too. I finished it off in about an hour, and it was over-the-top good. In fact my whole family is reading it now too.
The premise of the book is built around this theme, "What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else." It will inspire you to do whatever it takes to get on top. I found myself evaluating my routine and life mission. One of the statements that stuck out, was this one, "the best do ordinary things better than everyone else." We live in world that wants shortcuts to get to the top, yet nothing replaces hard work, discipline and practice. Excellence will not fall into your lap, you must go get it!

The difference between a 350 hitter in baseball and a 250 hitter is 1.7 hits a week. More time in the cage, and more practice will move a hitter from mediocrity to Hall of Fame candidacy.

If you want to sit on your butt and get the same results and not move beyond your fears, don't read this book!
I long to leave a great legacy for Jesus with those around me. This book encourages me even more to do so. Maybe that is why I got back up on the tube last night after falling off, even though my arms were numb and my ribs were sore! Too much is at stake for Christians to settle!

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