Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 Cent

I had a decision to make today. As I was leaving the first tee on the golf course, I saw this penny laying on the ground. There it was right along the cart path, in full view of my eyes. Would I pick up or, let it lay there?

My first inclination was to let it stay there. But then this thought hit me like a ton of bricks, "how many of our orphans would die to have this penny?" I leaned over and picked it up and used it as a ball mark throughout the round. You see, in South-East Asia the average income is less than 2 dollars a day. And in some parts, closer to 1 dollar a day. This penny in the right hands is very valuable.

Please God let us see the world like you do, and help us not be blinded by our possessions. Give us reminders like this penny regularly.

Yesterday I read this book by Dave Gibbons, "The Monkey and the Fish", that gripped me once again, on our need as Christians to be 3rd culture Christians.

Thanks Jesus for your God-strikes in my life! I need them! Pick up those pennies they are very valuable.


Joel and Amy Haldeman said...

I LOVE when you post about the books you are reading.....we almost always buy and read the books you suggest if we haven't read them already! We'll put this book on our next amazon purchase!

Jim Brown said...

enjoy it.. It sure did stretch me