Sunday, July 12, 2009


This summer I have had the opportunity to visit different churches. So far we have found ourselves in four amazing churches. Each church has been a fantastic worship experience for me. I have made it a point to just take in the moment, and not get caught up in all the details, like I normally do, on any given Sunday morning. I go with a pen in hand and an eager learning spirit.

I have been richly blessed by every church. I have been fed through amazing preachers of God. And I have worshipped freely with different styles of worship. Each community had its own beautiful uniqueness.

Each encounter has filled my heart with joy and refreshed my soul. I love the local church and believe it is the hope of the world. It has given me a greater passion to lift up the body of Christ, and not tear it down like so many do. I want to celebrate the differences in styles and not critique them. Every church lifted high the name of Jesus, yet each one had its own style.

I want to lift high the names of the pastors of these churches, and say thanks for standing in the trenches, in thick and thin, in hard times and good times, especially when no one truly understands what keeps you awake at night, and how fervently you love your church. Great job, Mark Beeson, Jeff Bell, Denny Wilson and Layne Sumner, your day of recognition will truly come at the Bema Seat!

Keep up the good work! You have blessed this fellow pastor!

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Ron Windbigler said...

Great Post, May God continue to bless.