Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Generations...

One of the truths that we must deal with as men is this, we pass a ton of stuff down to our kids. Last week 3 generations of Brown Boys stood on the beach, and posed for this photo. My Dad, Isaiah, Josh and Jim.

We have trekked many miles. We seen hard times, good times, low times and high times. Our feet show the the battle scars of life. We have left an indelible print in the beaches of this cosmos. There is a history to our footprints. And they will keep going on for many more generations.

I think about this a lot these days as Josh enters his senior year. He has watched me for 17 years and has seen the path I have chosen to walk. There is no denying that it has impacted him in some way.

Not far behind are two more feet that are watching me too. But Isaiah gets an extra advantage he gets to watch Josh's path too.

My hope is that I have walked a path that I would want him to walk. I can't change the footprints of my life nor can I go back and retrieve them, they are etched in the sand forever. Please God may the Browns walk the straight and narrow path that leads to life! These are the kind of questions that drive me close to Jesus everyday! Would you want your sons to retrace your footprints this past week?

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