Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Thought for Sure...

18 years ago we thought for sure this was going to be our first home. We were married for three years and were settling into the groove that God had for us. We both loved this log home located in the mountains of Warfordsburg Pennsylvania. We began the process of purchasing it. We had it appraised, we were approved for a loan and we were ready to make the leap. It was nestled in the mountains surrounded by thousands of acres. Deer literally could be seen in your front yard.

We made many trips up to the log home and would dream about raising a family there. We prayed and felt that this is where God wanted us. Well, the owner backed out in the last minute and our dream came crashing down. We often wonder how things would have changed for us, if it would have went through. 2 weeks ago we stood on this property and reflected on this very thought again. God sure had other plans for us.

17 years ago we thought for sure that I would be the Youth Pastor at this church. We were serving in a volunteer capacity for 4 years and the ministry was flourishing. Kids were getting saved, teens were growing, a new teen center was busting at the seams. And now the church was voting to see if they wanted to add a full time youth pastor. We prayed, and it seemed like God was saying this was the place for us. They actually voted and it was a 66% yes vote, but the constitution said that they needed a 66.6 percentage for it to pass. We thought for sure this is where we would go on staff, yet God had other plans. We drove by and snapped this picture two weeks ago. We often have wondered what might have happened if one more person voted yes. 3 months later we moved to Winona Lake, Indiana, to Grace Seminary and the rest is history.

One thing we know for sure is this, we prayed and asked for God's will to be done. Even though we thought for sure the answer would be different, God had other plans. Think about how close these two decisions could have turned out differently. What we do know, is this, God used .6% vote, and a man who couldn't release his deer haven in the woods to show us his plan.

I must admit I still love this beautiful log home, it made me come alive as I snapped this photo of the back yard two weeks ago.What are you thinking for sure today? Many are the plans in a man's heart but it is God's purpose that prevails. I find so much comfort in that verse as a child of God that longs to do his will!


Tim Boucher said...

Whoa...Kels and I were moved by this post Jim...powerful.

Beth said...

so glad God used you guys and you were open to his leading!! even though selfishly i wish you all had stayed here!!! love the log cabin, (though i would be fighting with the deer not to eat my flowers)!!LOL!! thought: maybe when you old and gray you could retire there, now that would be a plan!!!