Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How do I do it?

There are few things in life that move me as much as seeing people surrender their lives to Jesus. When one moves from an Eternity of Hell to an Eternity of Heaven and a Life Saving Relationship with Jesus, I come unglued with emotion.

I watched that real life scenario unfold in front of me many times last night. You see, we began our Judgment House Outreach, and hundreds of people made their way to Grace. As each participant worked their way through the 8 scenes they were confronted with life and death.

Their last room was a chance to examine their own condition. To ask the hard question, "Do I have a life saving relationship with Jesus?"

As I sat in this last room, I shared the Truth about Heaven and Hell. I was able to meet people at the crossroads of eternity, over and over again, last night. One group came through with a large number of inner city kids. As I was telling my story, and how Jesus changed my life, I told them clearly that the same God that did that for me, could do that for them.

Then one young man piped up with this phrase "How do I do that?" It was deeply moving as the Spirit was working in his heart. Then God blew us away, as every young person in the group surrendered their lives to Jesus, by praying out loud together. I was undone as I led them through this prayer. Needless to say, so was everyone else in the room that night.

The above pictures are the follow-up times with people after they made commitments. They were escorted away with a counselor who helped them process this, and give them steps for the days ahead. Oh yeah, we had many who responded last night including a 65 year old man.

What a way to get juiced up, as I head to Asia tomorrow morning. A huge shout-out to all the teens and adults who made this happen. Your investment of time impacted the population of heaven forever! Man, do I ever love my church's love for Jesus and the Lost!

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