Monday, January 11, 2010

cream of the crop

You learn a lot about people when you see them walk through hard times. You get to see what they are made of. You get a chance to witness them digging deep from the reserves they have built in their lives.

This weekend I witnessed that first hand, in a precious couple at Grace. Yesterday, I buried their 3 month old baby. Yes, it was just horrible to watch it all unfold. But I saw a couple walk through this time with such amazing grace.

I watched the Dad stand and share at the funeral service and give his final words to his son. I watched him share eloquently and from the heart. It was quite frankly an unbelievable moment. He was able to do so because he reached deep within, and tapped into his relationship with Jesus. Years and years of trusting in God enabled him to handle this adversity with such grace. Luke you are the cream of the crop bro!

This video above portrays two college quarterbacks {Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy}, who will be drafted this year in the NFL. Both were handed a injury this year that abruptly ended their dreams. But both were prepared ahead of time, because they had deep relationships with Jesus. In a world when the press is filled with failure, these three men; Luke, Sam and Colt blessed my heart! Great job guys, you are the cream of the crop!

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