Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday morning reflections

We kicked off our new theme for the year yesterday,"Uncharted." There was a great excitement in the building as we anticipated this day. Walt put together this phenomenal video to kick things off.
Every year we put together a theme that has been birthed out of prayer, and then we ask God to unfold it in our lives in the coming year. We also introduce our leadership team for the coming year. Our deacon couples and elders are pictured above.

Wow, did God ever show up yesterday, as we looked at Uncharted Vision! We talked about how we need to debunk the myths that are out there, and just go for it. As an example we had people swallow pop rocks and chase it down with a coke. They didn't die like Mikey from Life Cereal supposedly did.

It was a fantastic start and I can't wait for next week and this coming year! We are begging God to take us to uncharted places this year!

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