Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cut loose for cryin out loud

The Bible is full of times of celebration. We of all people have the most to celebrate. We have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are redeemed, justified, forgiven, free, sanctified and so much more!

There should be a distinct difference in our praise for God. But, what often marks us is just the opposite. I love to celebrate in Worship and I love celebrating the simple things.

A photographer caught the Fairfield crowd in full excitement after a bucket tied the game up with 5 minutes to go. Look in the center of this and you will find me in full praise mode! Tucked right beside me was my wife high-fiving someone.

Take time today and cut loose and celebrate the life God has given you, it sure does feel good to celebrate!


Jamie said...

I LOVE this snapshot!!!

Jim Brown said...

it a moment I will never forget Jamie!