Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maybe They got it figured out

I was struck by the quote I read on Sunday, by a teen that had parents that were married... I am far richer than my best friend who lives in a country club and has divorced parents...

While in Vietnam on a mission's trip, I saw how relationships were the most valuable commodity. A country with very little resources were very rich because they had each other.

They loved family and valued relationships. They would stop whatever they were doing to be hospitable to you.

There was a great level of trust with strangers, and they would take your family pictures and hang them in their huts.

Even their wiring didn't seem to stress anyone out. Imagine this in America.
All that to say this; the most precious thing to you today is not your stuff or the stuff you want, it is relationships. The only thing that continues after it is all said and done are people. Take an extra 5 minutes with someone today and just listen. Pause long enough to look at a persons eyes, to see how they are doing. Grab your phone and call a friend. Stop by and just say hello to a neighbor. Walk to the store instead of driving. Sit on your porch and wave to someone.
Isn't that the reason God put us here? Go give your life away and introduce people to Jesus. All the stuff we accumulate is worthless in the end!

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