Wednesday, April 28, 2010

not on his watch...

This is Classic Isaiah. He knew that there would be a Silver Egg placed on the field that had a super prize in it. So while kids were just excited to pick up any egg, Isaiah was on full alert for the Big-Egg.

I watched from a distance as he kept his attention on the workers as they hovered around the center of the field. In his mind this meant that is where they laid the BIG -EGG. So when the horn went off to gather eggs, look what Isaiah did.

He looked like he was shot from a cannon, as he sprinted right to where the workers were last seen, and he scarfed up gobs of eggs. I love this because he was not willing to concede defeat on his watch, if he had anything to do with it.

Man, I love the effort, and I laughed as he was in a world of his own, and everyone else was just glad to be part of it. Now that is a Brown if I ever have seen one!

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