Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I believe this to be true

If you reach the man for Jesus you change the world. For too long the local church has watched men flee and the most recent stats out, show that to be true. Church strategist call it man-flight! Churches are not appealing to men and do not give men opportunities to come alive and grow in Jesus!

That bothers me, and keeps me awake at night, because God has called the man to be the head of the family, the spiritual leader. He desires that men lead with tender hearts, yet be willing to step into enemy territory to defend for his family.

Here at Grace, we make no bones that we target men and want to curb the man-flight dilemma. I love it that we have men serving in a variety ways. I love it when a husband worships with his wife; I love it when dads are actively involved in their kids lives; and I love it when a husband loves on his wife.

I enjoy this picture above because it includes 3 dads who are a big part of kids lives. A big-shout out to Del Kropf pictured above, sitting with me. Before and after our games he makes sure the boys are prayed for, and genuinely cares about his team. Here is a man, father, and husband from Grace Community making a difference!

And the world is being impacted for Jesus

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