Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Read Blog entry below by the Director of Asia's Hope ... This is a followup to my blog entry on

"The kids are alright."
In an earlier post, I mentioned the plight of two young children living with their father, a homeless, disabled widower, who is unlikely to survive and is unable to care for his young son and daughter.

I was amazed by the number of emails I received regarding those kids, and was thankful for a number of offers to provide funds to help the kids come to Asia's Hope.

Thanks to the generosity of Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio, we were able to admit the kids into one of the homes the church sponsors, Doi Saket 3. My family visited DS3 last night and spent a few hours with the kids.

The little boy, Tep, and the little girl, Bow, are doing well. As well as can be expected.

They're a little confused, and stick very close to the director, Ajan Boon, and his wife, but are starting to play with the other kids. They even cracked a smile once or twice.

Our director Tutu Bee reports that the children are impressed not only by the quality of the food, but also the fact that it keeps coming three times a day. These kids have not eaten well for much of their young lives, and something as simple as "three squares" makes a huge difference in their daily well being.

Please keep praying for the kids, their new family, their father and for their sponsoring church.
Ajan Boon with Bow.
Now Tep has a mom to care for him.
Tep, some of his new brothers, and friends around the campfire ...
Praise to Our Savior Jesus Christ~

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